Saudi Vision 2030 and Riyadh Sorters

In line with Saudi Vision 2030, the National Waste Management Center and Riyadh Municipality have signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding to start integrated waste management and recycling activities. The agreement also includes the construction of a state-of-the-art waste sorting facility in Al Ahsa.

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Optical sorters

The global optical sorter market is growing at a significant pace due to automation in major target industries such as food, recycling, and mining. These technologies allow companies to reduce manual work, improve hygiene, and accelerate processes. They also help to minimize waste and increase yields.

Optical sorters are automated machines that utilize cameras or sensors to scan and identify products. They use light to illuminate the product, and then digitally inspect it for color faults or shape anomalies. The resulting information is then used to automatically sort the items into designated bins for further processing or rejection.

The China-Saudi Investment Conference was a great platform for CSG to showcase its advanced optical sorting technology. The event facilitated networking opportunities and allowed the company to explore potential partnerships with Saudi businesses. CSG’s participation in the conference marks a major step forward for the company’s efforts to build strong relationships with Saudi partners and support industrial diversification in the Kingdom.
Linear sorters

The global parcel sorter market is expected to grow due to the rise of e-commerce. This is because more people are buying things online and it’s easier to send them back if they don’t like them. This is a major boost for mail and courier services, which require more sorters to keep up with the growing demand.

The National Waste Management Center and the Riyadh Municipality will work together to establish a recycling strategy for the city. The plan is to create a recycling infrastructure that can recycle up to 81 percent of the city’s 3.4 million tons of solid household waste and 8 million tons of construction waste each year.

BG Sorter is a high-speed cross belt sorter that can handle a wide mix of items. It can handle smalls, flats, flyers and rest mail of all sizes and dimensions. The system also features a tight footprint, which is ideal for warehouses that use e-commerce or third-party logistics (3PL). It can handle 18,000 packages per hour and has a high level of accuracy.
Hybrid sorters

A hybrid sorter uses a combination of both manual and automated sorting methods to reduce labour costs and increase productivity. It is ideal for a wide variety of item types, including poly bags, and can handle a high volume of mixed items with ease. It has the ability to automatically discharge items and can be fully integrated with a WMS or other systems.

This system has a modular design that is flexible and scalable, making it an excellent option for medium-sized plants. It can be configured to sort letters, flats, and other difficult-to-sort products. It also offers inline weighing and scanning capabilities.

The company combines automation technology with world-class efficiency to deliver a unique fulfilment solution for e-commerce companies. The warehouse uses robotics and manual picking systems to improve efficiency and provide more jobs for Saudi nationals. This unique model will help Saudi companies compete with international retailers and drive growth in e-commerce sales. In addition, it will allow them to deliver goods and services faster to customers.
Robotic sorters

One of India’s leading FMCG companies has deployed a high-end sortation system from specialist robotics and warehouse automation company GreyOrange. The unique sorter can handle both order consolidation and item picking. This allows it to reduce fulfillment times and fulfilment cycle time.

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