Top 5 Gambling Cities in the World

If you love to 겜블시티 then you are in luck! There are many cities around the world where you can try your hand at winning some money. Some of the most famous gambling cities include Las Vegas and Macau.

Another popular gambling city is Los Angeles, which is home to the Commerce Casino and boasts some of the world’s best poker players. The sunny weather doesn’t hurt either!

Las Vegas

Gambling in Las Vegas is a popular pastime for tourists and locals alike. The city has a rich history with gambling that dates back to its earliest days as a trading post in the late 1800s. Its popularity grew with the construction of Hoover Dam in 1931, when Nevada legalized gambling. This opened the door for casino owners like Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel to open his first gambling establishment on what is now known as the Las Vegas Strip.

After the mobster’s death in 1947, the Strip continued to grow. Its casinos became more elaborate and renowned for their over-the-top decor. These casinos also started hosting a variety of events and entertainment, including celebrity golf tournaments, rare wine dinners, and television series premieres.

In the 1950s, developers began to build not just casinos but casino-hotels that offered guests a complete experience. This included pools, spas, nightly live entertainment (cue the Rat Pack and Liberace), and luxury accommodations that gave visitors the feeling of being on a world tour. This helped establish Vegas as the Entertainment Capital of the World that it is today.


As the glitzy casino industry in Macau continues to surge, it’s almost impossible to walk anywhere without seeing a new tower. Some are designed after the glamor of Paris and others have themes like pirates and samurai warriors.

Known as the Las Vegas of Asia, casinos are Macau’s most important source of revenue. In fact, they account for half of the region’s economy. But as China’s middle class grows wealthier, the market for Macau may be shifting.

While the opulent gambling halls do provide a fun environment, there’s much more to this special administrative region of China. Its history lives on in hilltop forts, cobbled backstreets and old Portuguese buildings. It also has a wealth of historic attractions including churches, gardens and old cemeteries.

The rise of President Xi Jinping and his anti-corruption campaign has put the city’s casinos in a tough spot. He targeted the VIP gaming rooms where high-rollers would circumvent Beijing’s strict capital controls by transferring money in foreign currencies and staging losses to avoid penalties. As a result, high-rollers’ contribution to the city’s gaming revenues fell by 85 percent last year.


London is one of the world’s leading political, financial and cultural centers. Its influence in business, education, the arts, and fashion is immense, and it is home to a diverse population with many nationalities represented. London is also an important hub for international travel and tourism.

The City, also known as the Square Mile, is a historic district of the City of London, England, that serves as its central business area. It is home to the London Stock Exchange, Europe’s largest, as well as many large investment banks and hedge funds. Its economy is primarily based on finance and business services, though it is becoming increasingly diverse.

The City’s heyday was in the 17th and 18th centuries, when it became a global center for trade and industry. Its population exploded to more than a million by 1800, and free-ranging building speculation engulfed the surrounding villages and small towns in a wild spiral of expansion. Then real disaster struck in the form of the Great Plague and the Great Fire of 1666, which wiped out 87 parish churches, 44 livery company halls, and 60 percent of the original City’s wooden buildings.

Council Bluffs

Located along the Missouri River, Council Bluffs is a major transportation hub for the region. In addition to its casinos, the city is home to a number of other businesses, including railroads and grain elevators. The city also offers a variety of recreational activities, including hiking and biking trails that lead around the lake at Lake Manawa.

Two riverboat casinos operate in Council Bluffs. They offer blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, and slot machines. The Iowa legislature passed a law in 1989 that allowed riverboat casinos to operate on barges that float on man-made basins of water. It changed the gambling laws in 1994, allowing casinos to more closely resemble land-based buildings and eliminating maximum losses for gamblers.

The city also boasts a large number of shopping and dining options. TD Ameritrade Park Omaha and the Henry Doorly Zoo are both within a short drive of the city. Council Bluffs is also home to several private schools, including Community Christian School, Heartland Christian School, and Liberty Christian School. The Council Bluffs area has an unforgettable 41-mile continuous system of trails for walking, biking, and taking your dog for a stroll.

Fort Lauderdale

Located on Florida’s southeastern coast, Fort Lauderdale is a seaside city with broad beaches, boating canals and high-end shopping. The Fort Lauderdale Strip, a promenade running along oceanside Highway A1A, is lined with upscale outdoor restaurants, bars and boutiques. A water taxi ride allows visitors to see the mansions and yachts dotting Millionaires Row, or head west for an airboat tour into The Everglades.

Summer is ideal for a vacation in Fort Lauderdale, with warm weather and fewer crowds. It’s also the season of Stonewall Pride, and the city is host to one of the largest international boat shows.

Sample a variety of cuisine at the city’s upscale dining establishments, including Slice, an aptly-named pizzeria; Mojoe, serving up gourmet coffee and pastries; and Soygood, an Asian eatery with shrimp rolls, pho and signature beef satay. Then hit the casino for a night of action-packed gaming. There are 1,400 of the industry’s newest slots in denominations from a penny to $100, plus 38 live table games. Between rounds, cool down with a cocktail at Side Bar or raise a toast at Stage Bar to watch the latest live entertainment.

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