Step and Repeat Banners Help Build Your Brand and Sponsors

Whether you’re looking to add red-carpet style to an event or draw in curious crowds for your product launch, the right step and repeat banner is a must. It’s a form of non-intrusive marketing that helps build your brand and sponsors.

The best step and repeat banners are seamless to avoid glare in photographs. They’re also made of durable materials that resist the wear and tear of repeated use.
High-Resolution Graphics

For step and repeat banners, graphics printed at high resolution are essential to avoid pixilation. Because these banners are used in photographs and videos, they must be able to be clearly readable. Vector graphics are the best option for this purpose because they can be resized without losing quality, unlike raster images.

The size of logos on a step and repeat banner is also important. In general, the logos should be sized between 9 and 11 inches in height and width. Anything smaller will not be readable in video or still images. It is also a good idea to leave plenty of space around the logos so they do not compete in color or size.

Providing a photo backdrop that features sponsors is an excellent way to show appreciation for their contributions and to build relationships with potential future donors. The sponsor’s name and logo is visible in the background of photos and videos posted on social media, giving them increased visibility and brand recognition.
Proper Lighting

If you’ve ever attended a major event, chances are you have seen a step and repeat banner. These large-format graphics display logos in a sequence, making them ideal for photo opportunities and brand recognition. They also help generate buzz on social media, giving your event exposure you might not have otherwise gotten.

You want to be sure there is proper lighting available when setting up your banner stand. Lighting used in professional photography is best, as it will give your banner the best look. You don’t want to use regular light, as it will produce shadows and hotspots on the banner that will look less than ideal in photos.

Make sure the banner is attached to the stand in a way that will be sturdy and secure for hours of use. You may want to let the stand settle for a while before the event begins and then check it again.
Easy to Set Up

A step and repeat banner allows attendees to pose for photos. Whether the photo is taken by a professional photographer or someone with a camera phone, attendees will smile and show off their attire. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and logos.

Your local SpeedPro studio can work with you to design a custom step and repeat banner that fits your event’s location. We use durable materials to create visually appealing backdrops, and we can customize your banner to display any custom graphics or logos you need. We also offer choices regarding your banner’s mounting style, such as poles and grommets that suspend the banner or retractable stands that sit on the floor.

We use both vinyl and polyester fabric materials that are well-suited to step and repeat banner printing, and both can be used indoors or in light outdoor settings. If you order a banner plus stand, we’ll provide a telescoping stand that adjusts to the height of your banner and comes in a convenient carrying bag. You can also choose pole pockets, which are created by extending the banner’s material and folding it to make a hole that poles are slid through.
Easy to Transport

Step and repeat banners are portable, easy to set up and require no special tools. They come in vinyl, fabric and polyester materials and are designed to look good indoors or out.

Often referred to as “step and repeat” because they’re used to repeat logos that celebrities walk through, these backdrops are powerful marketing tools that generate buzz and excitement for brands. They work well at events where you want people to share pictures online, including concerts and festivals.

Choose a banner size that fits the number of people you anticipate taking pictures. For example, an 8 by 8 foot banner can accommodate three to four people at a time. If you need your backdrop to be more portable, consider ordering a spring back or telescoping stand option. Both options come with pole pockets (created by extending the banner’s material and then folding it) that allow you to hang your banner with a top and bottom pole. You can also add grommets to reinforce your banner’s hold.

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